BBb 3/4 Tuba 'Oregon' - TB336H


  • BBb 3/4 Tuba 'Oregon' - TB336H
  • BBb 3/4 Tuba 'Oregon' - TB336H
  • BBb 3/4 Tuba 'Oregon' - TB336H
  • BBb 3/4 Tuba 'Oregon' - TB336H

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The Oregon is a great playing compact BBb tuba, small in overall dimension, but able of producing
full broad tone. Ideal for professionals for use with small ensemble, or jazz - and equally good as
manageable size tuba for students.
The front piston valves are a comfortable angle to hold and slides are readily accessible by left
hand to pull while playing.


  • Bore: 0.7” (17.75mm)
  • Bell: 19” (480mm)
  • Weight: 19 lb (8.6 kg)


  1. Comfortable angle valve set
  2. Large bell for stability when stood in school situation
  3. Easy pull-able slides
  4. Handmade High-Grade production
  5. Supplied with hard latched case

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